Another Clay Portrait


It’s a pattern. Build it up, scrape it down and refine it. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions with both the teachers, Philip Sherrod as well as Barney Hodes.  I recommend both of them as great teachers to learn from.  Barney Hodes talked about common pitfalls to look out for to the class as a whole which was wonderful.  He also pointed out various facets in different pieces.

I had some structural problems in mine and started the 3rd full day just scraping it down to half its size.  It had grown to monstrous proportions with all the adding I’d done. 😀  Clicked a couple of photos midway through the scraping. Took much more away before starting to rebuild. I’m pleased with the results even though it is unfinished it bears quite a resemblance to the model.  I must confess I’ve had tons of fun.  You can see my earlier attempt at a clay portrait of almost 3 years ago here.

One of my fellow classmates commented on the fact that with her extra long neck she looked like a Masai.  Made me wonder if I had not been influenced by the fact of having drawn wooden Masai Lady sculpture at home a couple of times.

At the Market

At the market

This is the kind of market I remember from my childhood.  While I cant cope with the bargaining that shopping in such markets entails, its great to visit one once in a while.  Recently went to Karwan Bazaar in Dhaka with two friends to take some photographs to capture the hustle and bustle, vivid colours and the vitality of such markets.

12″ X 16″ acrylics on Canvas Panel.  Photo ref copyright Anil Advani.  Used here with permission.

I want to break free

A Womans work is never done

The words of Queens song by the same name have been playing in my head for a while now. I did want to break away from the way I was painting earlier. I didnt get to where I thought I wanted to be. Where I am now is more free (sometimes, like today) than before and I’ll be happy here for a while.

The title of this piece is “A woman’s work is never done”.  I’m at my sisters for a months holiday. She has recently had a baby boy. She also has a toddler who also wants quality time with Mummy. I see her on her feet all day and it seems to be almost all night. Everyday. It’s feeding, pumping, changing diapers, playing with the two year old, working and the list goes on. And she has help! This one is for all the women who look after their children, homes and also work. Hats off to them!

12″ X 16″ on a canvas panel.  Based on a Photo ref by Anil Advani.  Used with permission.