Another Clay Portrait

It’s a pattern. Build it up, scrape it down and refine it. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions with both the teachers, Philip Sherrod as well as Barney Hodes.  I recommend both of them as great teachers to learn from.  Barney Hodes talked about common pitfalls to look out for to the class as a whole which was wonderful.  He also pointed out various facets in different pieces.

I had some structural problems in mine and started the 3rd full day just scraping it down to half its size.  It had grown to monstrous proportions with all the adding I’d done. 😀  Clicked a couple of photos midway through the scraping. Took much more away before starting to rebuild. I’m pleased with the results even though it is unfinished it bears quite a resemblance to the model.  I must confess I’ve had tons of fun.  You can see my earlier attempt at a clay portrait of almost 3 years ago here.

One of my fellow classmates commented on the fact that with her extra long neck she looked like a Masai.  Made me wonder if I had not been influenced by the fact of having drawn wooden Masai Lady sculpture at home a couple of times.


8 thoughts on “Another Clay Portrait

  1. Ujwala, Visited your site after a long time. Nice to see your new posts. You have been very busy even on vacation. I liked all the paintings and sculpture. Bye for now, Bela

  2. hi bela, good to see you back here. came to holiday as well as to attend a couple of classes. will send you an email with some pics from visit to charu’s.

  3. Thank you Pea. Unfortunately I cannot. This one has gone back to the clay tub as it was the last day of class. And thanks for the add. I hope you will be back to check out the updates.

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