At the Market

At the market

This is the kind of market I remember from my childhood.  While I cant cope with the bargaining that shopping in such markets entails, its great to visit one once in a while.  Recently went to Karwan Bazaar in Dhaka with two friends to take some photographs to capture the hustle and bustle, vivid colours and the vitality of such markets.

12″ X 16″ acrylics on Canvas Panel.  Photo ref copyright Anil Advani.  Used here with permission.


5 thoughts on “At the Market

  1. Hi Ujwala,
    I found your “new” direction fantastic.
    I love this market, the woman in the last post, and the cart puller on your other blog, so much “ambiance”
    I always liked art that suggests and don’t show all the details.
    it’s been a while since my last visit at your other blog schmlog,
    so much resources, the japaneese site for poses is incredible,
    thank you.

  2. me too 😀 i’ve tried in the past to get away from the details but this has been the longest I have managed to stay away! thank you for coming back to see.

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