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Blog Schmlog, get your art smarts here, is a site that was started to keep together a select few of the many art resources available online.

When I first started out drawing and painting I was pretty much out there on my own and fairly clueless on how to proceed. I slowly started discovering the fantastic art resources on the Net, made available for free through the generosity of individuals, universities and societies. Most of these are not well advertised and you would need to spend at least a few months surfing and visiting various art forums to find them.

In the past 4 years, from amongst the 2-3000 art related sites that were visited, 800+ that were interesting were saved. A very small selection from these have been put up on Blog Schmlog with a short description about the resource. There are links to locate resources on art history, artist biographies and images of their works, complete books and sites on art techniques, photo banks for inspiration, museums, galleries and much much more. I hope you will find them as useful as I do.

I have been a bit slow in updating the site lately having got caught up in drawing and painting activities and projects. There are still many bookmarks to go through to select ones that are useful as well as free. I will continue to make additions slowly. In the meantime, there are sites that are posting about art resources on a daily basis and whose archives you might want to look up – Drawn, Lines and Colors, Making a mark, the art tag on Lifehacker and my 800+ links on bookmarking site delicious.

If you find a useful resource that is not listed that you would like to share please leave me a comment on any post with the details. I welcome suggestions and comments to improve.


19 thoughts on “art smarts

  1. Hi Luis, thank you. I will be participating in an exhibition in October ’08 and the work will be on sale. I hope I can get in touch with you then. In case there was something that you liked in particular do let me know. You can see most of my work together if you click on the gallery link above or directly at the website Flickr.

  2. Im very happy to see your blog here. So much to look at and feel. And also to know that you are so active in webspace. Im sure you had a great travel this far.

    Blog Schmlog… great title.

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