UNWA Fundraiser and Exhibition

I was delighted to receive an invitation from Nahid Osman of Art Club Bangladesh, to participate in the Annual UNWA Exhibition which will be held on the 7th of December 2007 at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, in Dhaka. Here are the two pieces that I have entered. The photos and my resume have beenContinue reading “UNWA Fundraiser and Exhibition”

It’s been a long time…

.. been a long time, Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time. Rock & Roll, Led Zeppelin Vacations seem to unsettle me. Now, dont get me wrong I love them like everyone else. The problem is that well before they start and for a long while after I cant get started on painting. Continue reading “It’s been a long time…”

An afternoon in Ashulia

And now my “series” has a name! An afternoon in Ashulia. This makes it all of three pieces in my newly named series. 😀 The Ashulia Lady was accompanied by a gentleman and came down the road along with the garment factory workers. The two held themselves a little aloof from the others but stoppedContinue reading “An afternoon in Ashulia”

Ashulia series

I’ve just finished the second Ashulia portrait and I’m already calling it a series 😀 Oil on a 10″ X 12″ canvas board. Photo reference copyright Anil Advani used with permission.

Paan khaye

I first noticed him standing across the road, arms akimbo, watching us take photographs. After a while he came over unasked and posed confidently for Anil. He had this glint in his eyes, a wide open smile showing teeth stained with betel nut juice and a look suggesting we were bananas taking photographs of peopleContinue reading “Paan khaye”

Follow me

After Vasant Vihar and prior to starting Art College, I had a month. Decided to get some extra pointers in sculpting and I joined the course at Anandgram. My understanding was that I would not be able to do large sculptures but would be guided in the making of them through slab work etc. TurnedContinue reading “Follow me”


After spending a couple of months painting at Sangeet Shyamala, Ebenezer, our friendly and very able teacher, agreed to help me learn about sculpture. I made a few bas relief pieces which I shall put online soon. He wanted me to take things slowly at first and not jump right into trying my hand atContinue reading “Together”

Kishori Amonkar

This was one of my favourites for the longest time and Ramesh’s too, probably for different reasons. I’ve known that Kishori Amonkar is one of Ramesh’s favourite classical singers ever since I first met him. I found this photo ref of Kishori singing in the Maurya Hotel magazine. The minute I laid my eyes onContinue reading “Kishori Amonkar”

Self Portrait

I was just checking out on the drag and drop option from Flickr that was mentioned in another wordpress blog and …………………. it works! Wunderbar! Now I need to stop surfing and start posting! Gita had taken the photo reference used here and a few other lovely ones. I used the others for paintings. ThisContinue reading “Self Portrait”

A journey begins

It all started thanks to my younger sister, Gala. I had taken some drawing lessons in Feb and was stuck on wanting to paint but couldn’t/hadn’t taken the first step. And it was around then that I came to visit my sister in July 2004. She sort of nudged me to it by giving meContinue reading “A journey begins”