Jhaal Muri

A few months back, I’d put up a post about working on a new project.  Well, the time has come to share the details.  Those of you who follow my blog know that quite a few of my paintings are based on Anil’s inspiring photographs.   And it’s not surprising that I wasnt the onlyContinue reading “Jhaal Muri”

Father and Child 2

There are a few subjects that never fail to inspire me. Father and child is one of them. This quick drawing made a while ago was based on a photograph in the newspaper but bears little resemblance. The look in their eyes or what I imagine to be there is what continues to draw meContinue reading “Father and Child 2”

Dalai Lama

Everyone seems to be discussing Tibet lately. Even my niece, who isn’t quite two, has been taught by her nanny to say “Free Tibet!”. The reference for this piece is the cover of a recent issue of Time Magazine. 8″ X 10″ Pen & Ink in my sketchbook. I have used a white ink penContinue reading “Dalai Lama”

Looking forward to 2008!

Firstly, Happy New Year! Got back from a nice, long vacation, spent with family, last night. Bob Martin, an artist I admire and who has helped me find my “painting” feet, often, in these past two years, had tagged me to list 5 little known facts about myself, then to “tag” five other artists toContinue reading “Looking forward to 2008!”

Flavour of the month

We’re having people over for dinner tonight and suddenly there is this urge to draw.  Must be something to do with the fact that there are chores that need to be taken care of.  😛 While looking for the crossword puzzle in yesterdays newspaper I came across an ad promoting a music concert  “James Unplugged”. Continue reading “Flavour of the month”


Mannat is one of the few people we know here in Dhaka who is below 40. Waaaay below 40, at 8 going on 9.  She is a willing model for many of her fathers photography experiments.  And I get some great references to work with. 5″ X 7″ Pen & Ink on hand made paper.Continue reading “Mannat”

A Creative Drawing Assignment

Drawing a portrait using “mechanical” lines is a part of the assignment given after this weeks Creative Drawing and Art Appreciation session with Javed Jalil. I chose a reference that I’ve used last week for a pen & ink. I know I shouldn’t be asking but if you squint you’ll get a better feel ofContinue reading “A Creative Drawing Assignment”

I can get no satisfaction…..

Brian, a fellow EDMer, had the following to say and it matches how I feel. I was sure I would not be able to express it as well and so I asked him If I could quote him here. We’re all victims of Hollywood’s romantic way of portraying things. Artists in the movies always seemContinue reading “I can get no satisfaction…..”

It’s been a long time…

.. been a long time, Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time. Rock & Roll, Led Zeppelin Vacations seem to unsettle me. Now, dont get me wrong I love them like everyone else. The problem is that well before they start and for a long while after I cant get started on painting. Continue reading “It’s been a long time…”