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Read about Fake Dane’s request to Jana to make his portrait on the Every Day Matters Yahoo Group and off I went to Jana’s to check it out. She’d mentioned that there was an invite to join in. It looked tough and I thought that I’d give it a miss. But the thing about digests is that when the next person jumps on board you get to read about it again and then the next. I went and checked out the photo references on his blog. This time I decided to give it a go. Here’s my version. 😀 I’m writing asking for one in return and I hope he will oblige. Shall update this post when I hear from him.

Update: Mar 28, 2007 : I heard from Fake Dane earlier today and he liked my version too. 😀 Here’s the link to the post on his blog. He dabbles in photography, film and not drawing as so has decided to give making mine a miss 😀 He’s looking out for more so if you’re interested download one of his photo references from the links above and give it a go.

Quite a few people have asked me about these “digital scratchboards”.   I’ve put down my process below. I have to admit that I haven’t used a scratchboard IRL as I haven’t located one in the art shops here.

1. I’ve used Art Rage 2 to make this and the earlier digital scratchboards.

2. The first step was to create a template for the background. I used the roller tool set at 34%.   Black paint was applied with horizontal strokes overlapping slightly followed by similar vertical strokes.  This is the process I follow for applying gesso on canvas.

3. With this one I made a slight variation. After saving a copy with a new name I added another layer and made a rough sketch with a red marker tool.  This stood out very well against the black background and also would not interfere with the white lines I was going to erase.

4. I then went back to the original layer and used the eraser tool at 1% width to erase using the red lines as reference.

5. mistakes were filled in with the roller tool set at 1%.  the only problem was that it looked darker than the shade made with the larger roller tool.

6. for the background the eraser tool was changed to 8%.  In retrospect i think I would’ve liked the lines to be spaced out more.

Few thoughts for the next attempt.

to check out some scratchboard samples on the web to see how shading negatively is handled.

to draw out a value scale of 3 or 5 prior to starting the drawing.  this area could certainly take a lot of improving 😀

to add another layer for making the background.

If you have any other suggestions or advice please do leave me a comment.

Ashulia boy.jpg

Sujata, a friend from Delhi, has sent me some lino boards, cutters and ink and I’m thrilled.  Hoping to try out some print making soon.  Until then I’ve saved a digital template of a prepped scratchboard.   This was made from a photograph that I took yesterday.  And while it is incomplete, I like the effect – lines and all.

Yesterday, at around three in the afternoon, two friends and I drove along the road from Dhaka to Ashulia to look for our subjects.  We spent and enjoyable hour taking many photographs of quite an enthusiastic bunch of people.   We were surrounded at each spot fairly quickly.  Some even came forward and asked us to take their pictures.  They were all thrilled when they saw the results on our digital panels.  We made several stops.  You can see some of the photographs here and here.

dig scratchboard

Had some time on hand and did not want to do the painting exercise I’m meant to 😛 Decided to try out something new digitally. Made a scratchboard and erased out a friends portrait. Need to do a few more before I get the hang of reversing the lines.

Along with my art resolutions I’ve made a personal one to lose some weight.  I’m hoping to start walking a couple of times a week starting today. Wish me luck!

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