Too far to fix


The learning here was never to start something you want to take a lot of care with and make extra special, under pressure or with a new medium. I hope to make another one replace this one with in the near future. This one is now too far for me to get my hands on to change.

Acrylic on a 10 by 10 canvas. limited palette.

Here’s an incomplete digital painting from the same reference made quite a while ago that I like much better. Dont you?

uma wip 2


Trying to create transparency

still life with bg

Every once in a while, I try to draw something other than a face. Here’s tonights attempt, the brush holder on my desk. I have been shying away from attempting transparent objects and this time I decided to go for it. It certainly is a step in the right direction.

Added the real background using layers. It’s a bit too cluttered. Somewhere between the two would have applealed to me more.

Man with a cap

I’m having a problem with the portrait that I’m painting for a Portrait Swap. Went to WetCanvas! to look around and found the November Challenges thread in Painters Alley (digital forum). Here’s my attempt at drawing one of the references provided – the Man with a Cap.

man in cap

There is a problem with likeness and I seem to make everybody without exception look much older than they are!! I know now that harsh and dark lines are the main reason and I’m trying to keep that in mind while drawing. I’m also trying to be concious of the the 3Dness of the subject so that makes one more addition to my list – practice shading to give an object form.

Digital.  Made with Corel Painter IX.5.  I’ve used various shades of Conte crayons.

David and Goliath

photo 1 uma painter wip 3

Both are from photo references. Both are WIPs. The first made with Art Rage and the second using Painter. My comfort level is plain to see. The first is a bit more finished as I was able to blend the layers with a brush and knife. I tried to do the same quite unsuccessfully with the later. I have since discovered the blending brushes in Painter and will try them soon.

The one clear advantage that I see for Art Rage over Painter is the ability to get on with your art and not having to keep changing types of brushes, layers and what not. I’m sure in the next 2 months I’ll understand and be able to use Painter more efficiently and will probably like it more. But I will still love Art Rage for how easy it is to use and how simple they’ve kept things so that you can immerse yourself in your painting and forget about the rest.

Below is my first scribble in Painter and another piece where I’ve tried the watercolor brushes that they offer. Definitely need to do some reading. And there’s quite a bit of that available on their website and for those who’re interested in trying it Corel offers a 60 day trial version.

painter first try wc

A study for a painting? I think it’s just procrastination :D

uma painter wip 1 uma painter wip 2 uma painter wip 3 Uma

The current tools of choice are the painting software that I have. These WIP images show the progress made on Uma’s digital portrait with Painter IX.5. I’ve downloaded their trial version. It has another 58 days left. Two months is a pretty decent trial period. But Painter is difficult to use especially after using Art Rage. I was not able to blend as easily. Some reading is required to figure out how to do a few basic things.

Back to this post, I need to make a small portrait in oil of my neice Uma. It’ll join the others put up in her room that each member of the family has made. Work started on it a couple of months ago and should’ve finished then. I’ve made this in the interim and it too is incomplete 😛 My excuse is that there is another project which needs finishing sooner.

Kishori Amonkar

Kishori Amonkar

This was one of my favourites for the longest time and Ramesh’s too, probably for different reasons. I’ve known that Kishori Amonkar is one of Ramesh’s favourite classical singers ever since I first met him. I found this photo ref of Kishori singing in the Maurya Hotel magazine. The minute I laid my eyes on it I knew I wanted to paint it. The photographer had captured an intensity that transported you to a place where you could almost hear her sing.

I was using acrylics at the time and this is a part of the series that was painted on the cardboard that our shirts came back with from the laundry with! I found it to have the right rigidity and texture. The size, roughly 11″ X 8″ was not too intimidating. I spent many pleasant afternoons painting. Churned out quite a few as I could complete them in one sitting usually. I knew then that I wanted to pursue this further.

A journey begins

amina 3

It all started thanks to my younger sister, Gala.

I had taken some drawing lessons in Feb and was stuck on wanting to paint but couldn’t/hadn’t taken the first step. And it was around then that I came to visit my sister in July 2004. She sort of nudged me to it by giving me a large

amina 2amina 1

canvas (4′ X 3′), her paint supplies, an easel and space in her studio. And that seemed to have been all the encouragement I needed. I painted over 2 days pausing only because i hoped the paint would dry the next day.

The first effort didn’t quite go the way I wanted it to and each subsequent effort seemed to steadily take it away from the original. In the end, I felt that the first effort had been the best! But that’s not as important as the the fact that I fell in love with the feel of painting and decided that this was something that i wanted to pursue.

And when a few months later I was stuck in a hotel, remembering this experience pushed me to locate an art supply shop and start painting in earnest. I chose acrylics having decided that oils took too long to dry and turpentine would be toxic in a closed room 😀