Wake up!


I think it is very childish of me but when friends and family nap in the afternoons, after a while I have this urge to go wake them up! ūüėÄ I’m sure I must’ve done it too when I was younger but manage to restrain myself now!¬† She does look relaxed though doesn’t she?
This painting has been based on a sketch made while visiting my friend Sangeeta earlier this year. I took some photo references then and have used those to make this piece.


Taking a Nap

Picture 339

Started drawing Surpina first this morning but left it incomplete as we were going out visiting art galleries.¬† Saw quite a few interesting paintings by upcoming artists¬†from India. We plan to cover a few more over the next few days.¬† Returned and convinced Sangeeta to let me draw her while she was taking a nap.¬† I used some nice, soft buttery charcoal from¬†Sangeeta’s big box of Derwent’s Sketching Collection.¬†¬† Pencil and Charcoal on 30 X 22 Indian handmade paper.

Life drawing : Alice and Pinky

Alice -1

Alice - 2

Pinky 1

At Sangeeta’s in Mumbai.¬† The drawing and painting is coming along slower than expected.¬† Busy having a blast! ¬†Here is this mornings effort.¬†The first is by Sangeeta and the next two are mine.¬† Paintings are still works in progress ūüėÄ



Started this when I was stuck on the Portrait Project. It’s a portrait of a friend of mine and I’ve attempted her several times in the past two years. I’ve known Sangeeta since I was 7 and she has been the guinea pig so often as she is the most forgiving accepting of the outcomes.¬†¬† While it still isnt quite there, this is the closest I’ve got to “getting” her and so I’m pleased with it.¬† I’m going to set it aside for a while and hope to come back to it in a few months.

I’m off to buy some art supplies and starting tomorrow, hope to do the exercises in Charles Sovek, Kevin MacPherson and Nita Leland’s books!