Looking forward to 2008!

Jan 08 Pen & Ink

Firstly, Happy New Year! Got back from a nice, long vacation, spent with family, last night.

Bob Martin, an artist I admire and who has helped me find my “painting” feet, often, in these past two years, had tagged me to list 5 little known facts about myself, then to “tag” five other artists to do the same.

Because of the vacation, I’ve taken a lot longer than intended to put them down. Here are my five.

1. In Grade 3, I was selected for the Inter-House Elocution Competition. I suspect only because of my loud voice. When it was my turn and I saw a hall full of people looking at me expectantly, I went blank and ran off the stage!

2. On average, I spend 7-10 hrs a day surfing the net or on other computer related activities.

3. My first exposure to a Mac was when I worked with Apple (96-99). 10 years later, I’m still crazy about Macs. If Apple introduces a Tablet PC, I’m willing to wait in line outside the store to get one. Something I haven’t wanted to do for the iPod or the iPhone.

4. The craze for gadgets has been replaced by an equally strong one for art supplies.

5. Would love to learn to sing! My family is a bit wary of that ambition as I’m sort of tone deaf.

I’m sorry but I’m going to be a meme buster 😦 Instead of tagging 5 more artists there is a list of 5 non-art sites that I frequent excluding Gmail, Flickr, Facebook, Youtube or my blogs though that’s where I spend my day! 😛

1. Conceptis Puzzle

2. Digital Photography Review

3. Lifehacker

I did not realise until yesterday just how tough this task would be! Discovered that in addition to Mail and social sites, I surf with a narrow focus on art and related information!! Here are two new links that I hope will help me with my resolutions in 2008.

4. HassleMe

5. Zen Habits

Wish me luck!

Sketch : A copy of Lucien Freud‘s portrait of Frank Auerbach, painted in 1975/76. Pen & Ink on handmade paper in my sketchbook.


My first Sale!

Mother and child

Earlier last month I was left a comment on one of my posts indicating an interest in purchasing the drawing “Mother and Child” or a print. Initially, I wasnt sure whether it was a spam comment and while I was trying to make up my mind I was contacted again. I decided to write back and found a wonderful person at the other end who loved this particular piece of work. Living in Bangladesh makes it difficult for me to ship things out and so I opted for selling a print. And he was happy to own the print. His words and attitude have made my first sale very memorable.

The artwork was scanned at 300 dpi and uploaded to my gallery on the print on demand service, ImageKind. After the sale was made, unsure of how it would turn out, I waited with bated breath. It was only when I heard that the print had been delivered and looked good, did I relax.

This has been a wonderful experience. And while what I earned is a fraction of what I used to earn when I was on a regular job it gave me much much more pleasure.

Late at night

IMG_0088from a Shell adIMG_0089self portraitTolouse LautrecEgon SchieleAnnie

It has become quite clear that I’m a night painter. Whatever schedule I was planning to come up with for learning had better keep that fact in mind.

The self portrait was made in Chennai and the last one which is supposed to be of a friend, Annie was made earlier in Bangalore. I was peering into the LCD Panel (2″) of my camera for Annies well that’s my excuse for it not looking like her. The others have been made in Kolkata and for those I can only say that it was quite late at night! Mr Blair’s right eye is out of whack and Mrs Clinton has been given way too many wrinkles. But if I really squint hard they look ok 😀 The one I like the most here is the one of the boy reaching out.

Update : These are all from photo references except for the self portrait – TIME, books, my camera and the mirror.

Too far to fix


The learning here was never to start something you want to take a lot of care with and make extra special, under pressure or with a new medium. I hope to make another one replace this one with in the near future. This one is now too far for me to get my hands on to change.

Acrylic on a 10 by 10 canvas. limited palette.

Here’s an incomplete digital painting from the same reference made quite a while ago that I like much better. Dont you?

uma wip 2

While reading a book on Van Gogh

Van Gogh @ 13

After making a sketch of my left hand for the umpteenth time, I decided to copy a photograph of Van Gogh at 13 that I found in the book that I was reading. I’ve bought about 6 of them on different Masters and this is the first that I picked up to read. While I know most of his story from earlier, I still enjoyed the book and his paintings in it.

Finding myself wide awake I did yet another Van Gogh Self Portrait in pen which was on the inner cover of the book. And then a few days ago when looking around for something to do, I found the sketch again and decided to fill it with oil pastels and it was fun.

Both these were made in the small sketchbook that I carry around in my handbag currently. It is about 5″ by 7″ filled with handmade paper.

Van Gogh

I had the opportunity, this summer to visit the Met and MOMA and see many of the paintings that I earlier seen only in books. I must say that the reproductions and reduced sizes don’t quite capture the beauty, colors or texture of the paintings. I’m really glad to have had the chance to see them in person.

Self Portrait

I was just checking out on the drag and drop option from Flickr that was mentioned in another wordpress blog and …………………. it works! Wunderbar! Now I need to stop surfing and start posting!

Gita had taken the photo reference used here and a few other lovely ones. I used the others for paintings. This one of just me I decided to try out with pencil.