4 freckles in a row!

4 freckles in a row!

Dont know how she managed to acquire those and all in a row! Malini and I had gone over for tea and we couldnt resist taking a picture. I have two – sonia posed for both very sweetly so that the freckles were in focus.

I’ve pulled out all my drawing material a few days ago and was looking for something to jump start me. This was it. The freckles came out much darker than i had wanted and the eye too. I like the fact that with pen & ink the scope for correcting your errors endlessly reduces. I still prefer it to pencil (currently :D) I think that there is some resemblance but i’m sure sonia will tell me otherwise 😛


Kishori Amonkar

Kishori Amonkar

This was one of my favourites for the longest time and Ramesh’s too, probably for different reasons. I’ve known that Kishori Amonkar is one of Ramesh’s favourite classical singers ever since I first met him. I found this photo ref of Kishori singing in the Maurya Hotel magazine. The minute I laid my eyes on it I knew I wanted to paint it. The photographer had captured an intensity that transported you to a place where you could almost hear her sing.

I was using acrylics at the time and this is a part of the series that was painted on the cardboard that our shirts came back with from the laundry with! I found it to have the right rigidity and texture. The size, roughly 11″ X 8″ was not too intimidating. I spent many pleasant afternoons painting. Churned out quite a few as I could complete them in one sitting usually. I knew then that I wanted to pursue this further.

Self Portrait

I was just checking out on the drag and drop option from Flickr that was mentioned in another wordpress blog and …………………. it works! Wunderbar! Now I need to stop surfing and start posting!

Gita had taken the photo reference used here and a few other lovely ones. I used the others for paintings. This one of just me I decided to try out with pencil.