Sandeep Jigdum

Jigdum - Take 2

I’ve been working in fits and starts on my College of Art Portrait series.  Made this one of Sandeep’s at the art group meet this morning. We hadnt met up in 5 weeks and I was really happy to catch up and restart these meetings once more. I had made a sketch of Vishal yesterday evening which hadnt turned out so well and so I was keen on trying another. I’m bit happier with this one but the resemblance is missing. I think a Take 3 is required here too. Maybe I’ll just skip to painting him instead. The one below was made in Oct/Nov ’05 soon after the photograph was taken. I showed it to Jigdum and he drew out a rough sketch to show me the areas I needed to take care in. I’m also pleased to see the progress over a period of time.

Jigdum - Take 1


Try, try, try again!

Vishal - Take 3

There was something about the angle in which this photograph was taken and being too close to the subject with a wide angle lens.  Vishal’s nose was out of proportion to the rest of his face. I found this very difficult to tackle. My brain refused to accept that I could only see so much of his chin. Made 3 attempts from the same photo reference over 3 weeks. The one on top, the one I just finished has come the closest to resembling him.  One more for the College of Art Portrait Series.

Vishal - Take 1 Vishal - Take 2

Stuck on College of Art


A quick sketch of the Painting HOD at the Delhi College of Art. Mr Abhimanue Govindan

A day at the Delhi College of Art

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The installation sculpture of the little girls sitting down to study was the first thing that I saw every morning when I entered the college grounds and it really brightened up my day. I then spent half my day with the 2nd year sculpture students and the afternoon with the 2nd year painting students. Friendly, helpful and hardworking was the attitude of the majority, something that I hadnt come across when I went to college 20+ years earlier.

Ramesh Sleeping

Ramesh Sleeping

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There was a creativity assignment in the Wet Canvas! Classroom Forum on looking at objects from a different sized view finder. I was too caught up with some other work to do it. While clearing up my papers I found this little bit of torn paper with this sketch.  It is approx 8" X 2" and fits the 4:1 format given in the assignment. This was made a year ago and I still like it. 😀 I used to lurk around trying to find a model and when I tired of drawing my hand or foot I used to sneak up on a sleeping Ramesh to sketch.

This post will be moved to June 12, 2005 soon.


I had taken a bunch of portraits of classmates at the Delhi College of Art with the hopes of using them as reference material for drawing or painting.

Here is one more that I have gotten around to using. After the way I felt on completing Rajika's picture, I decided that I just had to do more and so I picked up a picture of Myoungs. I actually wanted to show it to him to get his comments. he does the most fabulous portraits and is the best that we have in class.

Yuv floating

Used mostly Black Poster color for this one.

When I showed Amina the first one (Ninja Turtles), unlike me, she seemed quite happy other than pointing out that i'd messed up one of Yuv's eyes and asking me to fix it.

And she wanted me to do more. She was planning to give them as a gift to Gappu for his birthday in April. I decided that I would do the one of Yuv's that I had initially wanted to do. Unlike the photo ref which has been very tastefully converted from color to B&W by Amina's friend, where he is floating, this one looks quite grounded. I can also see that I am unable to shade to show depth and need quite a bit of work in that area.

I also need to add in some white as the eyes have got too muddied with my efforts to realign them. I think maybe I need to put in a preliminary drawing in pencil before starting. I dont like the idea but maybe it will give me the results I am looking for.

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Pen & Ink

Vinita had emailed me this photograph of hers of when she was in school, class III, I think. I'm not sure if a young child was good choice for a pen and ink but here is my effort. amongst other things the right eye is smaller.

Ninja Turtles

When I first visited Amina’s after arriving in Delhi I saw a black & white picture of Yuv’s that was fantastic and I immediately felt like copying it. That was almost a year ago. A few weeks back when I was having lunch with Amina she remembered and asked me to do a drawing of both Yuv and Rahil. She gave me one of Rahils too to copy. I decided to do this third one instead as it had both of them in one picture and to overcome a fear – I’m wary of doing more than one face as I’m afraid of not being able to relate one element with the other.

Even in this pict though I’ve managed to get their head sizes near enough to their relative sizes in the picture I did not manage to get Rahils’ features. Yuv looks a bit like himself or so I think.

Vijay Mohan, Principal, Delhi College of Art

Study in Brush and Ink based on a photograph taken earlier in class. This one is much better than my effort with a reed pen which came out real wonky and i havent uploaded it “:P”

I did a second one of me from a photograph taken to help me in my stone sculpture. I messed up the shading on the chin big time and it now looks as though i have a beard!! Ramesh also pointed out that i had messed up the angle – I was looking downwards. Just that i hadnt matched it against the reference the next day. The night i did it i was real sleepy and went to bed soon after finishing this one.