Finding Beauty in Print – 2

Jantra 1

“Jantra” (tool) is the result of an intense and satisfying printmaking workshop with Shahid Kabir held at UODA on May 30th/31st ( extended later for another 10 days ). Having completed the previous workshop just a week before gave me a headstart and it was exciting to take the learning a step further.

There is an exibition, Kormoshala Chapchitra Pradarshini, of the work produced at the workshop at Gallery Chitrak for a week, starting June 13th, 2008.

Update : July 17th, 2008 : I had been told during the exhibition that a buyer had booked my print but was waiting for a confirmation. Today I met the Gallery owner and he handed me the money from the sale. Thrilling I must admit. It is the first time that I have had money in hand from a sale.  This brings the count of work sold to 3. Starting November this year, I shall begin a concerted effort to sell my work online.

And if you want to know a bit more about 4 printmaking techniques – etching, woodcut, lithography and screen print, check out the excellent step-by-step animated demo provided by MoMA.


A day at the Delhi College of Art

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The installation sculpture of the little girls sitting down to study was the first thing that I saw every morning when I entered the college grounds and it really brightened up my day. I then spent half my day with the 2nd year sculpture students and the afternoon with the 2nd year painting students. Friendly, helpful and hardworking was the attitude of the majority, something that I hadnt come across when I went to college 20+ years earlier.


Delhi in winter gets really cold when compared with most other part of India especially the South.  We would sit in the gardens after lunch to catch some sun.  I was then on a mission to learn to take better photographs as well as references of my classmates for future paintings.  Another classmate, Yadvendra took this photograph with my camera.  Vibhuti had covered her head with shawl to protect her face from the midday sun. 

This was made at the tail end of my Pastel phase.   I was doing one every few nights just before sleeping.  I got help from Ramesh on this one.  In fact, I value his opinion and comments a lot.  They help me take a step back. 

Update: June 12, 2006:  just remembered that i have forgotten to add that i really enjoyed using this paper surface.  it's the reverse side of regular mount board and is a shade of dirt brown to start with.  You can see it peeping through but still it isnt as harsh as it would've been had the surface been white to start with.