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Abhimanue - Take 2

This is my second attempt at drawing Abhimanue. He was the first person I met on my first day in college.  I had been apprehensive and talking to him calmed me down.  Abhimanue had an open door policy and always made time for the students.  However trivial our queries may have been he answered them patiently with sound and useful advice. He also let me take this photograph 😀 You can see my earlier attempt at drawing him here.

I’m mighty pleased to have found an art group with a teacher. I showed him my recent pen & ink work and some pencil sketches from life and asked for his help in making different tones. He showed me how with a pencil and charcoal stick. I was supposed to fill in the other half but didnt want to mess up the beautiful work that he’d already put down. It was a pleasure to see him at work. Watching the freedom of his strokes I realised that I need to start doing my drawing exercises again.

I havent managed to save enough white space but was still quite pleased with this attempt. Also I tried out 3 different charcoal sticks and there was huge difference in the black marks they made both in terms of the colour as well as the smoothness with which they went on.

Self Portrait - Pen & Ink

This is the 3rd piece that I made today.  I’m just thrilled with that and not so much with this drawing!   I used a different pen today (Lamy Joy) and regretted it a bit as the ink in this one seems to collect in a small pool at times!  Makes it difficult to recover from mistakes.   I think I will need to use it a lot more to get used to it.  I have earlier used Rotring Art Pens and the Lamy Safari and prefer those.

8″ X 10″ pen & ink in my sketchbook.

Jigdum - Take 2

I’ve been working in fits and starts on my College of Art Portrait series.  Made this one of Sandeep’s at the art group meet this morning. We hadnt met up in 5 weeks and I was really happy to catch up and restart these meetings once more. I had made a sketch of Vishal yesterday evening which hadnt turned out so well and so I was keen on trying another. I’m bit happier with this one but the resemblance is missing. I think a Take 3 is required here too. Maybe I’ll just skip to painting him instead. The one below was made in Oct/Nov ’05 soon after the photograph was taken. I showed it to Jigdum and he drew out a rough sketch to show me the areas I needed to take care in. I’m also pleased to see the progress over a period of time.

Jigdum - Take 1

Vishal - Take 3

There was something about the angle in which this photograph was taken and being too close to the subject with a wide angle lens.  Vishal’s nose was out of proportion to the rest of his face. I found this very difficult to tackle. My brain refused to accept that I could only see so much of his chin. Made 3 attempts from the same photo reference over 3 weeks. The one on top, the one I just finished has come the closest to resembling him.  One more for the College of Art Portrait Series.

Vishal - Take 1 Vishal - Take 2


The learning here was never to start something you want to take a lot of care with and make extra special, under pressure or with a new medium. I hope to make another one replace this one with in the near future. This one is now too far for me to get my hands on to change.

Acrylic on a 10 by 10 canvas. limited palette.

Here’s an incomplete digital painting from the same reference made quite a while ago that I like much better. Dont you?

uma wip 2


At the College of art we had lots of artists visiting and one of them was Anjolie Ela Menon. She was one whose work I was familiar with and she very kindly allowed me to take a photograph. Pen and Ink to try and keep my hand in. The shape of the face has been penned in incorrectly and it became impossible to correct later. And a pencil sketch of Priyanka, a classmate of mine at the College of Art.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Made with Art Rage.

uma painter wip 1 uma painter wip 2 uma painter wip 3 Uma

The current tools of choice are the painting software that I have. These WIP images show the progress made on Uma’s digital portrait with Painter IX.5. I’ve downloaded their trial version. It has another 58 days left. Two months is a pretty decent trial period. But Painter is difficult to use especially after using Art Rage. I was not able to blend as easily. Some reading is required to figure out how to do a few basic things.

Back to this post, I need to make a small portrait in oil of my neice Uma. It’ll join the others put up in her room that each member of the family has made. Work started on it a couple of months ago and should’ve finished then. I’ve made this in the interim and it too is incomplete 😛 My excuse is that there is another project which needs finishing sooner.


My very first painting at art college. This is my second oil painting. Surprisingly both were on large canvases. I was a little apprehensive when they asked us to get full size sheets to draw in the first week so it wasnt a surprise when we were asked to get a 30″ X 40″ canvas for the painting week. We collectively chose Baba over the other model for this as he would hold his poses better. With no pressure of grades or past performance expectations, I just let myself go and had fun. I had a bit of a problem with his face and asked for help. The nostrils and eye have been worked on by our teacher of that week, Ramesh. I’m very proud of this effort and like the colours and brush strokes. I can see now that I needed to work on defining edges.

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