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  1. Hi Maya,

    I’m a huge fan of your blog. I know you typically write about arts but thought I’d see if you’d consider posting about an organization I’m currently working with, More Than Me, that works to lift girls off the street and into school in Liberia, West Africa.

    Over 1,000 blogs are posting on November 29 for one of their girls.

    More Than Me, an education and girls’ empowerment non-profit is gaining notoriety through its guerrilla-style marketing, inspiring hundreds of people to write “I am Abigail” on their foreheads and post the photos on Facebook.

    This really begs the question, “Who the heck is Abigail?”

    Abigail was an orphan in West Point, Liberia. You may have read her in a previous article here on the Huffington Post. At six, she was left with prostitutes. She learned to work the streets in order to get access to drinking water and food. Education was not an option.

    Then Abigail met Katie Meyler, the founder of More Than Me, an organization dedicated to getting girls off the streets and into schools. Katie and Abigail became fast friends, and More Than Me has raised the money to put Abigail through school. She is learning to bake, and aspires to one day be a Senator, so she can, in turn, help other girls like her.

    So, why are all these people also “Abigail”?

    Abigail could be you. Abigail could be your sister, your niece, your student, or your neighbor. Remember, we live in a global community; there is no “me” without “we”, Abigail is because you are, and you are because Abigail is.

    Join the community. When you’ve done that, help the community grow by spreading our story. And most of all, get inspired by checking out

    Thank you
    Mini Verma

  2. Dear Ujwala Prabhu,

    My name is Anna Hewitt and I am a publicist/curator in NYC. NY Arts Magazine and Broadway Gallery are very interested in representing your work and would like to open a dialogue on significant international exposure, publicity and exhibition opportunities. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this further. Thank you and have a great day!

    Warmest regards,
    Anna Hewitt.

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