Take my hand


The most potent muse of all is our own inner child. (Stephen Nachmanovitch) and right now it beckons me to continue my journey!

Source : Robert Genn’s Art Quotes


5 thoughts on “Take my hand

  1. Wow, you did a great job painting me. I have not had any training in painting people and I thought I’d try. I need help obviously but I did have fun with the challenge. You have tallent. Thanks

    1. Hi, I’m Jill Polsby, one of the people who painted in Karin Jurick’s portrait painting challenge.
      I had an idea today and am going to write to the people whose emails I can locate.
      I captured Karin’s likeness from the fourth You Tube video…..and I thought it would be wonderfully fun if each of us who painted in the DSFDF challenge, took the time to paint Karin and to send the pictures to her, en masse, on January 31. She could then enjoy our thanks in an actual way, through paintings of her! I would send each person the photo that I have………..we’d all do our best………..and we could once again say thanks for all her work on this wonderfully fun project!! What do you think? Would you have the time?

      I’m saying to get these done by Jan 31 and then we’ll all send them to her on that date and surprise the heck out of her……….I’m hoping you’ll want to participate.

      It’s supposed to be a total surprise. !!!

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