An Invitation

ujwala solo 29 May 09

Do stop by if you’re in town.


7 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Hello again Ujwala,
    I’m glad I stopped by to see your artistic work… You do absolutely beautiful paintings/drawings; I lingered a while and read your complimentary writings to go with your artwork.
    Have a terrific solo show and keep up the awesome work. I hope to visit Dhaka one day and we can have tea and enjoy your gallery showings.
    Your friend from Twitter…Eliz
    PS. Do visit my blog and leave me a note when you can.
    Again, best wishes on the solo!

  2. ujwala, this is fantastic work. I am so happy for you. Best wishes and God Bless
    love Kavita

  3. eliz obih-frank – thank you for the best wishes. would love to have that tea and visit. hope you’ll come to colombo instead. we move to sri lanka in july/aug this year.

    kobi – thank you very much. means a lot to me. hope you are recovering from the knee problem

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