A hundred thousand hits!


Tonight, as I sleep, Maya will cross a hundred thousand hits and I’m delighted.  Thank you!  Your visits have kept me blogging!

This blog was created on Dec 10, 2005 and the first post,  A journey begins, was back dated to about the time I made my first painting in recent years, July ’04.  It had to do with wanting a time line.  It’s taken a little over 3 years to get here.  The first year was pretty slow!

Along the way, I started taking photographs of life around me.  Mostly street life in the places I’ve lived in since.  I found that I enjoyed the experience.  I now stop and take photographs, like the one at the top of the post, which may never get used as a reference.  Something I couldn’t dream of in the beginning.  They were either personal shots or reference shots and nothing else.   And now I’m interested enough to have signed up for Sofobomo to make my own photo book for the year.

joy ride

My first love continues to be drawing and painting.  All this while, I’ve continued to work with multiple mediums with a focus on faces and figures. I think I’ve made some progress 😛   The reference used for the painting as well as the sketch is the same 😀 used two years apart – July 04 and July 06.

Amina 3 Amina

Some of you have been around supporting me from the beginning and I hope all of you ( ever the optimist!) will stick around to see where I’m headed.  Thank you once more for visiting Maya.


Published by Ujwala

I guess I would have to classify myself as a “self taught” artist not having an MFA or a BFA degree. I am a happy mix of self learning and a bit more formally from artists in workshops and institutions. And after over 15 years of figuring things out, I wouldn’t want it any other way! The journey of understanding and making art, for me, is a continuous learning process: Improving existing skills, learning new ones and most of all growing with the experience. Drawing and painting are an integral part of my life, something I am passionate about. The blogs, Maya & draw the line, document the road traveled thus far. People, their moods, interactions and emotions are an ongoing source of curiosity and interest. What I’m searching for is their inner personalities, their thoughts and there are stories I build around them as I work. I like portraying feelings of people when they are alone, lost in their thoughts, caught unawares. Those are the special moments that appeal to me most. I love to experiment and use a variety of medium ranging from oil, charcoal, printmaking, clay to the digital medium. Regardless, my focus remains fixed on the human form.

18 thoughts on “A hundred thousand hits!

  1. thank you noni. the second picture has been retouched. i’ve played around with antique setting in the iPhoto app on my mac. It enhanced the golden light till it was closer to the light i see late afternoons on the lake.

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