Je ne veux pas travailler

Flower Seller

We have many street vendors in Dhaka.  This flower seller’s expression caught my attention.  It’s turned out to be more aggressive mostly because of what I read into the situation and the stories that I built around him which kept me occupied when painting.

Using oils after a break.  The first painting is yet to be completed.  This one, I’m calling done.  It’s the first signed painting in 2009!

“Flower Seller”, 20″ X 22″, oil on canvas.


6 thoughts on “Je ne veux pas travailler

  1. hello Ujwala,
    what a fun post to start the day. I mean, it was fun to see that French title, to hear a French song with a lovely English accent ant to enjoy your art.
    To me, that vendor looks like a torreador, receiving flowers after the fight! no frontiers in that post
    beautiful painting!

  2. i couldnt resist the song 😛 it was “given” to me when i was learning french. i must confess that i failed quite miserably coz i was too embarassed to make mistakes!! but i didnt forget the songs they chose for me. my untrained ears missed the english accent 😛 And thanks, now that you mention it, he does remind me of a torreador.

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