Say a little prayer for me…

say a little prayer for me... with mat

I’ve been attempting to paint more than a portrait for the last few months but there is something special about this lady that has had me breaking that self imposed rule.   She’s been the subject of my paintings four times already in the last 3 months.   And I know that I’m not done yet! You can see the others versions here, here and here.   

She is the Tea Lady with a low open stall outside the entrance to a disused railway track.  She was selling tea and some eats and had one customer at the time the photographs were taken.   I like the fact that she is looking down and away as I find it easier to let my imagination run free when I’m painting.

The track later took us past a few shops and then a line of shanties on either side of the track leading to a dried fish market which is a popular addition to local dishes in Bangladesh.   Further ahead was Karwan Bazaar, one of the biggest wet markets in the city.  

Photograph copyright Anil Advani.  Used with permission.


10 thoughts on “Say a little prayer for me…

  1. This painting is remarkable. What is different for me is that there is an organic feel to this painting. This is a real person and I can attached a story to this face which is full of emotion. Beautiful!

  2. I like everything in this portrait, the asymmetric composition,
    The vibrant white and red highlights, the choice on closed eyes, letting feel the spirituality that we all have…bravo!

  3. a vibrant painting. i like your style.happy i spotted your blog through blogadda.i am also an artist and i have created ‘motivart’ with quotes printed on my paintings to motivate myself and others .

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