Falling into place

Flower Sellers - final

My older sister has been waiting patiently, for a few years now, for me to paint her a piece.  Her only request was that it be bright and colourful.   Recently, she added that it also needed to be large as she planned to give it pride of place in her living room.  Earlier, last month from a choice of two she selected the smaller version of this piece and things finally fell into place.  It was fun working large again.  She is happy with the results and I should soon have a photo of it hanging in her house.   

“Flower Sellers”, 30″ X 36″ acrylic on canvas.  Photo ref copyright Manu.  Used with permission.


10 thoughts on “Falling into place

  1. wonderful bell! how nice that u were able to do this for nada! can we see the smaller version as well? AND the drawing room version when it comes…?! love.s

  2. I love the composition and colour in this and the signature is perfect..
    thanks for calling by the Top Artists’ Directory…
    please consider sending me an image and your bio too …
    have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Casey : thank you. i’ve several more of these in the pipeline 😀

    laketrees/kim : thank you for the comment and the offer. will send image and bio shortly.

  4. You so inspire me. I began my oil painting class today. Today, lecture on color theory and then on Wed. we begin to paint!!! I’m so excited! And your vibrant paintings make me want to jump right in!

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