I’m back at The Art Students League after two years and having a great time this time around too. Painting is with Philip Sherrod and sculpture with Barney Hodes. The piece above is from todays painting session.


7 thoughts on “Determined

  1. bella weet…its beautiful…lovely wispy haunted quality…about the work…i think i’m going to look liuke this very soon…lol! keep at it girl…proud of you! s.

  2. now that you mention it, i can see some glimpses of you – cheekbone, nose and part of the forehead. lol! This model doesnt look like you though and I cant imagine you looking like her. thanks for stopping by and the comment 😀

  3. forever young : thank you for rooting for me.

    peggi habets studio : it’s one of the things I enjoy… deciding on a name for each piece. thank you.

    Anil : thank you 😀 havent taken the same liberties with the next two but i’m quite pleased with them too. both still need touching up.

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