Point of view


Learning to photograph paintings to look close to what they are in life is something I’m working on.

Take this painting for example. I took a close-up (below) first, less that a foot away and a second one (above) from a distance of around 3 ft. I found that the close-up shot had focused on surface details which you dont see while viewing even if you go up close to peer at it. In the second one the surface details have disappeared almost completely. The actual piece is closer to the image on top – you can see a bit more colour on top than is visible here.

Keeping a distance from the source and later zooming in and cropping give a more faithful copy of the original.



5 thoughts on “Point of view

  1. Ujwala
    Cropping would have contributed to a “loss of detail” which, in this case, worked in your favor.
    Looking at the whites, Auto White Balance is likely the culprit for the color difference between the two.
    I am wondering if this “formula” of shooting from a longer distance and later cropping to size will give you consistent results. Do post a follow-up!

  2. Hi Anil, it’s happened a couple of times before but I keep forgetting about it when i’m doing the next shoot! I know that the pen & inks look different when shot close up. I thought it was to do with the way the camera was focusing. Will definitely post a follow-up.

  3. This is a beautiful painting. I have been having trouble with the same problem when photographing oils. I recently tried shooting the artwork on a covered porch on an overcast, but bright, day and I’ve been able to get the best results that way.

  4. Thank you for the comment and the tip. I try to do the same but with acrylics there is more of a glare 😦 i used to come in close to avoid that but then there was this other problem of just some bits of texture or layer coming sharply into focus. I shall continue to experiment 😀

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