Running with the Bulls

Running with the bulls

I don’t normally post incomplete work here but I’m away on a longish holiday (back in Sep) starting today. Posts here might be irregular. Wanted to put up something that I’m excited about in case it is a longer break in between posts than usual. Hoping to finish this and do a few more in this series when I return. Will write more about “Running with the Bulls” with the post on the finished piece.

36″ X 30″ acrylic on canvas. This is based on one of the inspiring photo refs taken by Oochappan. Used with permission.

Update: Image updated with finished piece.


8 thoughts on “Running with the Bulls

  1. Oh, my! This one is very exciting! Great colors!

    Have a great holiday! Back in September? That is a long time. Will you remember us when you return? ;D

  2. Awesome painting!
    Because I like your work so much I’ve given you an award. You can pick it up from my blog and post the logo on yours. Hope you decide to participate!

  3. Peggi : thank you. I want to separate the shadows from the living a bit more caused in the first place from a bad habit of using the same mix all over the canvas.

    Vidhya : thank you for comment and the award.

    Ankush : had a wonderful ref to work with. thank you 😀

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