People watching

waiting for a fare

People watching while waiting for a fare.

10″ X 12″ acrylic on canvas.


6 thoughts on “People watching

  1. thank you. I havent resisted completely. i’ve been thinking of working on his shirt a bit to bring out the face more and a few other things that bother me when i look (now that i’ve noticed them!!).

  2. Hello Ujwala. Thank you for your kind remark on my blog. You asked for advice on painting loosely but here is a painting that is beautifully loose. The only thing I can offer in the way of advice is to try using big brushes and hold them near the end, away from the bristles. But it looks like you’re doing fine.

  3. Bill : thank you very much for the good advice. I have been using bigger brushes and holding them towards the end but have a problem with losing any semblance of details even in focus areas – like shirt and arms in the ptg above. I just seem to forget when I’m painting and remember only after it is all over what i’d set out to do! Thanks again for taking the trouble.

  4. i just found your site and your work is incredible!
    is your work for sale?
    is this piece for sale?
    thanks so much!

  5. Hi Leslie, Thank you for your comment 😀 I do plan to sell my work starting later this year. I need to sort out which ones will be up for sale. May I write to you closer to the time to check if you are still interested? Thank you very much for your interest.

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