Catching up on news

Catching up on news

It’s a fairly common sight, here in Dhaka, to spot people on the road patiently reading newspapers. These have been pasted on walls by good samaritans for those who cant afford to buy them everyday.

“Catching up on news”, 6″ X 10″ acrylic on canvas.


8 thoughts on “Catching up on news

  1. I’ve wondered about photos similar to this. Thanks for explaining. It’s an interesting painting with a great composition. Love it!

  2. Thank you you two. It was fun and quick painting this. As usual I’m planning to do many more small ones. And hopefully this time I’ll see it through!

  3. Poweful little painting and beautiful use of contrast. I love the fresh feel of this one. very nice and direct. Especially the irregular edge of the composition adds a certain casual energy to it. G

  4. thank you willie 😀

    suburbanlife : i’ve been trying to get away from details and have been using bigger brushes but the net result so far is smudged up faces! dont know how to overcome that as yet. hence, i’m happier when my subjects are looking away!

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