Lucien Freud – Take 2

Take 2

from a self portrait by Lucien Freud

As part of my efforts to improve I have been copying the works of some master artists. Lucien Freud is one of them. I’m drawn to this self portrait of his. You can see an attempt that I made recently and one made in 2005 side by side. And though they’re nothing compared to the original , inspite of seeing the mistakes, I liked them both when they were made. I guess my mind figures out what I’m capable of at a given point in time and gives me credit accordingly. I’d love to try this piece again after a year.


5 thoughts on “Lucien Freud – Take 2

  1. Ujjwala – why don’t you take on some efforts to do self-portraits using Freud’s method of stufying the terrain of the face and the play of light on its planes? G

  2. Oh – I meant to tell you that i have had the face portion of his portrait of Queen Elizabeth on my studio wall. it never ceases to amaze me gow he sees the interconnection of light and semi-tone planes of how the action of his brush is so easy to follow on his portraits. It’s as if he was using the brush as an extension of his finger to explore the faces – sort of like a blind man. it is a marvellous sense in his paintings, to me, at least. G

  3. suburbanlife – yes, i have to do that. i like what you said about him using the brush as an extension of his hand. the way he creates form is what i find most appealing. with time i’ve learned to see more and for that and the progress i’ve put these side by side here.

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