Fair & Lovely?

Fair & Lovely ?

We Indians, it seems, place a high value on fairness. Scan through a few matrimonial classified ads and you’ll see that a requirement that appears frequently, for a girl, is fairness. I’d thought that with our generation we would see this disappear but a recent dinner conversation reminded me that we still have a long way to go 😦 This goes out to all Indian ladies who continue to suffer the teasing and taunting of friends and family because they are dark complexioned.

In case you’re interested, links to a few articles/comments saying it so much better than I ever could. A Darker Side of Fair, Fair = Lovely, Bollywood delusions,

20″ X 24″ acrylic on canvas


16 thoughts on “Fair & Lovely?

  1. not to worry. I’ve added an extra space after the full stops and that fixed the problem.

    I see that you’re well versed with our part of the world. I need to ask around for something from the pre-Aryan days to see if there are any clues. I hope that this need diminishes with succeeding generations.

  2. l knw hw it feels to be teased 4 being dark cause l get it ma self frm ma family they are always going on and on bout hw dark lam and sumtimes l end lukin at dark and lovely and thinkin of buyin it:(

  3. hi samantha, i’m sorry to hear that 😦 tell them that it is NOT an important factor and you dont want to hear them talk about such comparisions anymore. and if you dont feel like it ask someone close to you to do it for you and on your behalf every time the subject comes up and do that till it stops coming up and stops being discussed!

  4. Hello,

    I’m searching some articles about the fair and lovely cream I used it now so that I find your blog here.

    I like this painting very much!!
    May I know what kind of software did you use to created such amazing painting?

  5. Lovely thought and it’s a good theme to talk about. If you’d ever like to be a part of a campaign that would try to challenge this issue in creative ways, do let me know.

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