Chip off the old block


I used a reference of my niece for this but the people I saw while painting were my two sisters!   Even now I see my sister and not her child.   Did I exaggerate the features I was familiar with till the likeness changed to resemble another person from another time?

Uma WIP 10″ X 10″ acrylic on canvas.  Photo taken by Suporno.


8 thoughts on “Chip off the old block

  1. Very lovely. I see where you said this painting reminds you more of your sisters then of this child. I wouldn’t be surprised if really looks like you when you were small. I would be interested in what people who knew back then think this painting.

  2. Very nice one! I would have sworn it was oil. It is not easy to get acrylic not to look a bit like plastic, and you seem to know the trick.

  3. Bob – thank you. i was reminded of my older sister when i was painting her cheeks and jaw line and we all share that resemblance. at this point (according to me) it looks like my sister and a bit like her daughter. i cant see me in it but then i have not learnt to see quite so well as yet 😛 My parents and siblings are staunch supporters of my art efforts and have said it looks like Uma. I feel it may have something to do with the fact that I’d said it was meant to be her. I found an earlier post on your blog in which you’ve talked about how you see a resemblance to yourself in most of your paintings. I too feel like that sometimes.

    Jenny – she is a beautiful little girl. thank you.

    Brian – glad to hear you say that about acrylics. hope this wasnt a fluke and thank you 😀

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