Dalai Lama

Pen & Ink 2

Everyone seems to be discussing Tibet lately. Even my niece, who isn’t quite two, has been taught by her nanny to say “Free Tibet!”.

The reference for this piece is the cover of a recent issue of Time Magazine. 8″ X 10″ Pen & Ink in my sketchbook. I have used a white ink pen to recover from errors. Looking around for a grey pen to be able to use three distinct values in a future attempt.


8 thoughts on “Dalai Lama

  1. Hi Ujwala. This is Bela Dange (Charu Mahajan’s friend from Pune). I am guessing you are Ujwala Prabhu who spent your under grad days in Pune at the same hostel as Charu. If you are, I am so happy to come across your blog. I did not realize that you were such a fantastic and creative painter. I thought you did an MBA. Funny thing is I was visiting my friend Michelle’s blog and wanted to leave a comment. I saw a comment from an “Ujwala”. You are the only Ujwala I know who spells her name that way. (Ujwalla is more common). So, any how, here I am. I live in Virginia, US. I meet Charu from time to time. Also, are you still in Dhaka? I have a cousin there, Swati (a physician). Take Care, Bela

  2. Bela : good to see you here 😀 hope you’ve got my email and if not just check your junk folder.

    E-J : lol! thank you!

    ankush : thank you for stopping by.

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