Fair game?


The teasing, taunting and sometimes worse that women have to endure while on the roads is a reality in quite a few cities in our world today. Many are the excuses that are given as if to say that in the saying it makes it alright. That she was dressed inappropriately, that she walked suggestively, she looked too pretty, she shouldn’t be walking alone , that men are hunters etc. etc. Makes my blood boil.

While, like this woman, you might feel like taking a stand, it would make better sense to ignore and move on. I blame cinema and violence for this increase of harassment in our country. Cinema because most of them show that a girl while initially resisting actually enjoys and falls in love with the youth who chose to accost her. And violence, as in the past, if a situation on the road went a bit out of hand you would have passers-by willing to help you. Now they too fear retaliation and violence from these goons.

The thought that ran through my mind while I was painting this was predators. In reality the lady was turning back to reply to her companions who were right behind her. They were taunting / teasing her too but it was as you would with friends and not strangers.

I have a great selection of references to work with from that one afternoon in Ashulia thanks to Anil‘s photography skills and generosity. And having been there, seen these people, interacted with some of them has made it interesting to capture them with paint. This is the 4th completed painting in the Ashulia series which is being renamed “On the road to Ashulia”.

18″ X 30″ Mixed Media (acrylic + oil) on stretched canvas.


18 thoughts on “Fair game?

  1. Benedicte : thank you very much 😀

    Claudia : I feel that it is something that i should’ve done at the beginning of last year!! I hope that I can catch up this year 😀

    Rohit : glad you have found the posts interesting and thanks for the compliment.

    Syliva : thank you 😀 one thing that i would’ve like to do differently is have put less colour and softer edges on the background figures. i have access to a second reference and might have a go at that one a bit differently. thank you too for giving the subject of the post some thought .

  2. Ujwala, your paintings are wonderful! I’m not much of an artist, so can’t comment there, but really like your thoughtful words. Especially “Fair Game?”. We’ve used all sorts of excuses (psychological, cultural, developmental…) to account for our actions (I’m an Indian male) but none of them hold. We need to change our ways. It’s a tragedy that such discussions are still needed. Anyways, again, wonderful work. Best of luck.

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