The goal is visible yet seems so far away. “Waiting” was an attempt at getting away from the details and realism that I was getting bogged down with. Simplify, simplify, simplify was my mantra. It is my first complete painting in 2008 and the plan is to make a larger one based on this even though I hadn’t started out with that in mind.

10″ X 12″ oil on stretched canvas


13 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Ok… where do I buy “waiting”?
    It’s fantastic!
    How much ?… maybe a pair of shoes that DON’T look like hooves?
    luv ya,

  2. Thank you Katherine. Now feel that I would’ve done a few things differently – mainly the b/g

    Arvindh – thanks for stopping by. there are a couple of things that i want to do differently in the larger one. hope to be back here soon with it. but knowing me there is no bharosa ;D

    Thanks Niaz, Pria and Cameron. I hope you’ll stop by again.

    Kira : Thank you. I was hoping to do some more Life drawing at Kuhu’s with you. When you come back?

    Shannon – Glad you like it 😛 you’ve actually given me an idea for a painting. I’m going to paint those shoes after van gogh!!!! Dont you want to see the bigger one before you decide?

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