A Creative Drawing Assignment

Self Portrait

Drawing a portrait using “mechanical” lines is a part of the assignment given after this weeks Creative Drawing and Art Appreciation session with Javed Jalil. I chose a reference that I’ve used last week for a pen & ink. I know I shouldn’t be asking but if you squint you’ll get a better feel of what I was trying to achieve 😀

I’m not sure it meets the given requirements. I shall find out next week 😛 I did enjoy making it this morning. Unlike all the earlier exercises we’ve been allowed to use monochromatic washes for the home assignment this week.


10 thoughts on “A Creative Drawing Assignment

  1. One of the interesting things you might wish to try is to overlay your drawing with semi-transparent vellum and use a small ruler to generate “mechanical lines” which begin and end outside the curves. that will yiels you an amazing spiky looking drawing that seems to be built of a series of wiry straight strokes. i did this to one of my drawings and was amazed at the character that resulted – it was fun to do too.
    I like the nature of this self-portrait of yours – it looks hewn from concrete. G

  2. Thank you suburbanlife. That sounds like an interesting experiment. I definitely want to try it out. Are the spiky ruler lines on both sides of each line? And these would be short lines? Is it possible to have a look at your drawing?

  3. I’m finding it very interesting too. 😀 Will definitely put up an update here. The next one will be my last class for a while as I’ll be spending 3 weeks through Christmas and New years with my parents and in-laws.

  4. Hello Ujwala…

    I am thinking of joining an art school…I have several related questions in my mind,I would be glad if you answered them for me…Please mail me…Thankyou !


  5. Priya : Hope you’ve received my reply. Do check your Spam/Junk folder in case it has automatically been filed there.

    AscenderRisesAbove : Thank you for the link. Congratulations to you too 😀 Yours is right there at the top. Thanks for the heads-up.

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