UNWA Fundraiser and Exhibition

I was delighted to receive an invitation from Nahid Osman of Art Club Bangladesh, to participate in the Annual UNWA Exhibition which will be held on the 7th of December 2007 at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, in Dhaka.

Here are the two pieces that I have entered. The photos and my resume have been submitted to the gallery and the paintings handed over to the framer earlier this evening. The Portrait is for sale at the exhibition and the two men heading to the field for a days work is the entry for the Fundraiser.


Acrylic on Illustration board, 8″ X10″ – Exhibition


Acrylic on canvas, 14″ X14″ – Fundraiser


9 thoughts on “UNWA Fundraiser and Exhibition

  1. thank you Linda. it’s the one ear marked for the auction and i hope it sells. the money will be used towards running programs for destitute children by UNWA

  2. hi bella i saw these paintings yestday…both are good …but you will be happy to know that you have done even better work previously…did these come from the heart? or did you use a reference? wish you best of luck for the sale n the fundraiser!! lots of love.s

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