Stop or else!

Stop or else!

Tentative. Uncertainty. Fear.

Each of us has a boiling point and when we were younger we got there faster. Experience hadn’t taught us the lessons of self preservation, forbearance, good sense, patience as yet and we were not ready to listen to it from those who were wiser. Hot headed, hot blooded and extremely loyal, our actions took us to the point of no return and we made a stand for better or worse.

Was there fear, uncertainty – of course! And what did we have in our arsenal to fight with – words? Would it have made sense to deal harshly with us then? It seems not having had to take a stand on tough issues made us luckier that some of the youth before us and since. We got away lightly for whatever little misdemeanors we committed. I feel bad when i read about tasers, lathi charges, rubber bullets and what-nots. Seems too inhumane and unfair.

24″ X 30″ Acrylic on canvas


8 thoughts on “Stop or else!

  1. This is an extremely power painting. For me it is what art is for, it stopped me, I was compelled to look, read and to feel. I don’t know if you are talking about (in words and the painting) a specific event or just the state of the world, but I nod my head in agreement.

  2. Thank you Bob, your comments mean a lot to me. I do feel strongly about the subject. It isn’t based on any one single incident. There has been some student unrest here and harsh measures were taken and there was that taser story earlier and then again recently. And I don’t even want to mention incidents like Tiananmen Sq. When i read such news I often feel that I would’ve reacted similarly. I feel strongly for the students on whom such harsh treatment is meted out. First you teach them to be free and express themselves without fear, then you react violently when they do and it doesnt suit you!

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