Linocut Print

I’ve been back from my exciting and terrific holiday for over a week now and given myself a 101 reasons for why I wasnt painting as yet.

2 nights ago, armed with all the equipment I’d collected, I decided to take a proof of the Linocut that I’d been working on a while ago. This is one of several that I pulled that night. It still doesnt have the darkness i’m looking for. I tried wetting the paper in my 4th attempt but as I hadnt blotted it well enough it turned out quite messy!

I cant think of what I can do to simplify it further so I’m leaving the linocut as is. One of the things that I am considering is to fix the eye on the right. All suggestions are very welcome. I’ll be taking a few more prints to try and get the print on darker.


Update: July 19, 2007: I like the linocut more than the prints!Ā  I think I’ll frame it instead šŸ˜€

Self Portrait

Update: June 23, 2008 : Got another print using a press. A lot more ink on the print this time but still a bit messed up! Have to say though that I do love the embossed effect šŸ˜€

Linocut print 3


19 thoughts on “Linocut Print

  1. crowfineart : thank you. the lino board that i used was soft and smooth like butter. i had no problems cutting it. i shall keep this tip in mind if ever i come across an ornery board šŸ˜€

    Nlschay : thank you. re your q – the first piece is the print and the piece below, in reverse, is the linocut.

  2. I have heard the comment you made about “wetting the paper” from other people trying lino cuts. Wetting paper, or dampening would only really be used for intaglio processes (etching) when the paper has to be pressed into the etch. I use a smooth 60lb drawing paper and never have a problem getting good blacks (or colours), I also use wet and dry paper on the lino surface to make it “very” smooth.

  3. I took another print recently using a press and you can see the difference. The earlier print was taken using a barren at home. How do you take your prints? Also what did you mean by wet and dry paper. I’ll take the next print without wetting the paper. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Sorry its been a while (I forgot). I use a small pressure roller with 2 cylinders, which is excellent for relief and even drypoint work. What do I mean by wet and dry? Maybe you call it something else, carborundum paper? Basically it is paper used to smooth down metals, generally in the car industry. It can be used “wet or dry”. Using the finest grade with water and a block you can smooth off the small indents found over the surface of lino. This makes it easier for the ing to maintain a consistent covering.

  5. thank you very much eric. for stopping by again and the advice. really appreciate it. will look out for a 2 cylinder roller and the carborundum paper (sand paper) and heres a link to the print i took using a press. unfortunately not knowing better used wet paper and it got stuck on the lino board. did get a lot of ink on the paper though.

  6. omg omg!! this is so beautiful !! i did a bit of linocut like 7,8 years back !! something about your blog tells me i am going to be at it soon !!

  7. thank you anisha. i’ve been planning on trying out another one for a while now. i guess i’d better get to it! šŸ˜€ do come back and let me know if you do try one yourself. all the best!

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