LD at Kuhu's 5

I enjoyed this mornings Life Drawing class at Kuhu’s. My last class for a while as I’ll be away on holiday starting Friday. Of the 3 models who have posed for us recently, this one holds her poses well and has a lot of patience.

Today I laid down some proportions before adding detail to the face. I still haven’t managed to curb my enthusiasm for adding lines whilst not looking at the model or when she is away! I must say that I’m much better now than before : P I would’ve liked to have spent more time on this one.

I’m thinking of making a checklist to stick on my drawing board

  • Decide on composition before starting
  • Measure relative to one feature eg. eye, length of nose
  • Place features relative to others
  • Draw the negative spaces
  • Squint before shading

Here’s a grid made in a 3 week marathon session of figure and portrait life drawing in college. This one shows the proportions to consider while drawing a portrait in profile. We drew the grids on our paper but had to mentally project them on the model and that took some getting used to!  Eventually the measurements were to have become second nature to us and the need for drawing grids would disappear but the mental practice of measuring, dropping lines etc. would stay.

I need to study and practice it once more but then I think I’ll need to go back to college for the discipline that is required.  Will add the ones showing the front of the face and one of the figure, to this post, when I locate them.

Planes and projections

24″X36″ Pencil (my favourite Tombow Mono 6B) on creamy textured paper.


7 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Lovely drawing, Ujwala. I like your checklist idea, too – le t us know how it works out. I suspect that our poses are too short to even begin to look at a checklist, but maybe I’m making excuses…

  2. Where were you this weekend when I was at my figure drawing class? I could have used your insight and your checklist! Great idea, by the way.
    This drawing is beautiful. I was avoiding doing faces and concentrating on learning about the proprtions of the figure, but eventually I’ll have to try faces too. I marvel at the expression you catured, like the model is thinking about something and not really aware of being drawn.
    Thank you for the very nice comments you left on my Blog. Coming from a talented artist like yourself really makes it special.

  3. Great sketch this Ujwala…you’ve captured lovely “pensive” gesture…her being caught up in thoughts..and me too, I like your checklist…I need it too. Can I copy?

  4. Casey – Thank you. lol. I hope i remember to tack it on to my drawing board! This and two quick ones were made in an hour and 10 minutes with breaks in between. And I still felt that there wasnt enough time! i have to learn to do the 5 min poses. Trying to avoid that for as long as possible.
    Bonny – Wish I had known earlier. 😛 Thank you for the compliments. I’m having problems with proportion whilst drawing the figure too. The heads are too small for the bodies. Do have a look at the figure drawing links on my blog. I plan to study them too, soon.
    Ronell – Thank you and of course. I’d love to have some additions to it too. I have one more point to add – think 3d instead of just lines. I’m hoping that chanting these like a mantra before, during and after the session will help!

  5. hey
    i dnt knw if u rememver me !!!from college of art !!!
    my god where have u been …….its been quite sometime
    and wo wo wio u have really improved in ur work !!! great job !!!love sakshi

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