Charles P. Sovek

March 23, 1937 – June 8, 2007

We are deeply saddened to report that Charles Sovek passed away unexpectedly on June 8th. Our plans are to keep his memory and artwork alive through this website, but please be patient as we work through this difficult time.

I am saddened to discover that Charles Sovek has passed away. When i first started painting I wasnt sure which way to go. Luckily, I came across Charles Soveks website and loved his style of painting. On spending time on his website I discovered that he was in the process of generously making an entire book on painting “The Basics” available for free! And that wasnt the only thing. His website had tons of articles and lessons for those interested in learning to paint. He took this project seriously and the section was updated regularly.

When I needed a clarification, I got in touch with him about the lessons on his website. I wasnt really expecting a reply. He responded promptly and gave me good advice. I owe a great deal to the wealth of information on his website and his generosity in providing me all his books for the price of one! The information and support helped me overcome my initial hesitation of picking up a brush and gave me a lot of confidence. I was hoping to attend a workshop with him next year or the year after.

I for one am going to miss him.


11 thoughts on “Charles P. Sovek

  1. i have few regrets but one of them is that i didn’t get to meet him. glad to hear that you are beginning to paint again coz the work on your website is fabulous.

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