Birthday Girl


For 3 days I’ve been sitting in front of the computer and procrastinating. Luckily Uma’s birthday was incentive enough to make me stay up late last night to make this. Added a Polaroid Photo frame ( from ) today to make a homemade digital birthday card and sent it on its way.

Used drawing ink – brown, burnt sienna and a bit of black. I wasnt sure when starting out where I was going. The drawing was first made with a pencil and then inked over with a brown ink and a dip pen. All those lines were making the hair look very rough. Decided to paint it in to soften it. Lost some likeness while adding the background along her profile. Gave up when I got too sleepy.

Learning – inks don’t allow you to make changes unlike gouache or watercolour where there is at least a good chance for recovery. Use better paper when you dont know where you are headed.

Drawing inks on very thin, cream coloured 12″ X 18″ paper bought for the Life Drawing sessions.


9 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Excellent work! The background makes the face ‘stand-up’, imparts more expressiveness to it.

    Vulnerable & Innocent is how the dear child looks.


  2. thank you very much 😀 I’m enjoying trying out another medium – drawing inks. at the moment i have 3 colours – black, brown and burnt sienna.

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