Shankar WIP 2

Most people are self-conscious when being photographed. I too feel the same especially if the photographer takes time to compose and take his shot. I do however like looking at pictures and would like to see some that include me. This is incentive enough to put up with the process cheerfully.

Some photographers are able to make you comfortable. This often happens when the camera is used often. After a while, people stop feeling conscious, and everyone starts to enjoy the process. Feeling the way I do I try to keep it in mind while photographing people, my favourite subjects.

I have been pretty persistent with my efforts to take pictures, and my family is getting more and more used to it. This picture of Shankar was taken just as he turned around. He held this devilish expression just for a moment before bursting into laughter. I loved the result and immediately put it into my “to paint” folder.

This is my second watercolour portrait. I’m beginning to enjoy adding layers. It had sounded like an awful lot of trouble when I first read about it but it isnt.  A lot more time was spent on the initial drawing based on reading WC threads on the Wetcanvas forums. This was different from the process I’ve followed so far with the other mediums.  I think it made all the difference for this piece.

“Shankar” is pretty small. 6″ X 8″ watercolour on Barbizon Canson paper. My earlier efforts have been with Poster Colours and Goauche. I do like this paper.


10 thoughts on “Photographed!

  1. This is so great Ujwala! You really caught his “develish” expression! And the colors are lovely…you can feel “chuffed” about this painting!

  2. Oh my goodness – this is really wonderful, Ujwala! If someone told me it had been painted by Norman Rockwell, I’d believe it. And it’s only your second watercolor portrait???? Read that as Casey being extremely jealous!

  3. Dear Ujwala:

    You’ve made me look so good…Priya says this is the way I look..ahem…

    Great work – first time I’ve been to this site – how do I see other pix? I seem to have missed your mail on this subject – Appa says you had mailed me?


  4. Casey : thank you. you flatter me much too much! 😀 i forgot to take a photo of the drawing but had spent two seperate sessions on it. if you’re interested you can see the wip here
    Jayaramans: Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

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