Life drawing at Kuhu’s – 3

LD3 at Kuhu's

I was disappointed with my work at last weeks life drawing session and havent got around to taking photos to put it up.  Todays class went well in the end.

We were supposed to do several small sketches to improve our compositional skills.  I misunderstood.  Initially, I got carried away and spent the larger part of the morning concentrating on the model sitting on the sofa and planned on adding just her face to the right eventually.   Then after a clarification I was sure that we’d been asked to put several faces together to make one composition!

Luckily both Kuhu and I are quite pleased with this outcome.  I’ll be making a painting out of this at a later stage.  I’ve even got a name for it – “Haunted” and spent the ride back home thinking of the colours I’d use.

Now that the penny has dropped  ~ finally ~ I plan to draw several smaller sketches next week 😀   Kuhu makes a great teacher.


8 thoughts on “Life drawing at Kuhu’s – 3

  1. Thank you Shirley and Casey. I’m now thinking of ways to make the faces recede and bring the sofa and figure forward. i have a couple of ideas. i will take this to my digital world to give various options a whirl.

  2. Ujwala
    It is great to think that this is your original composition and your original drawing. It is really fantstic. I feel
    you have truly arrived!I just cant wait to see more from you.Look forward to see this in colour soon.

  3. Hey Ujwala… I think you blog is great… and I loved the drawing you made at Kuhu. Maybe I´ll follow your example with this blog and will do the same with my drawings…

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