Life drawing at Kuhu’s

LD at Kuhu's

I went for my first lesson at Kuhu’s today. We started with a still life and moved on to figure drawing with short duration poses. This was the last one made and since I had run out of newsprint by then 😀 it is smaller in size and on drawing paper. There is something in it that appeals to me. The rest of todays output you’ll find here. Used the Sanguine Conte Pencil for the first time on a 12 X 14 Canson drawing paper.


7 thoughts on “Life drawing at Kuhu’s

  1. Sorry 😛 I was supposed to put up the rest on my other blog and then add the link here. I have done so now 😀 Thanks for reminding me.

  2. i love your work! one of the things i would really love to do is be able to draw people.. a dream of mine.. and you do it so fabulously!

    thank you for nice comment on my blog..

  3. Great job. Try to soften the edges on a portraits hair next time around. It will add a nice touch. Think about hard edges and soft edges.

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