Keya 1

Keya 2

All Indian names have meanings. Keya means a monsoon flower. I was hoping to do one of her from Life but it didnt happen. These are from photo references taken when she was a couple of years younger. I’m still optimistic that I’ll manage to get one done next time I visit Bangalore. We’ve both promised to sit for each other. She is a keen painter and has a great art programme in school.

Update:  Recently on a post in wetcanvas I read that childrens eyes are more towards the middle of the face rather than higher up like an adult.  I seem to have placed her eyes too high up in the first one making her look much older than in the reference.  I hope I manage to keep that in mind when next I attempt to draw a child.

Made in my sketchbook. Approx 8″ X 10″