Father and child

Father & daughter

This time I was determined to visit the art supply store on my own. I did not want to bore the others to tears and nor did I want to rush over what was a big treat for me. I did pick up a few new things to try and one of them was transparent photo colours – warm brown and black. I discovered today that the brown has lovely shades of pink and rose in it.

My niece with her father.  She is frowning in this one too but I couldnt capture that.  I was worried about using too many dark lines on her face.  Used a photo reference. Pen & Ink with a wash of warm brown Camel tranparent photo colour in my sketchbook.


17 thoughts on “Father and child

  1. Oh, this IS a beautiful drawing! I love the colors, and hope you find that they are meet your standards for lightfastness, etc so that you are comfortable continuing with them!

  2. Mummy liked the painting very much except for black lines near the lips of Uma etc. On the whole it is an excellent painting.
    Papa, mummy

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