My little niece

my little niece

Some babies smile soon after they are born and some dont or so I learnt when I first met my niece. She was a frowner and we laughed at and loved each little one that she chose to share with us. Here’s one of her asleep and frowning. Though this time she had a good reason to what with her trying to sleep and me giving her a bear hug 😀 I think she has grown out of this stage now and chooses to smile rather than frown. While I wouldnt want her to frown all the time I’m glad we took a bunch of photos capturing those moments.

8″ X 10″, Pen & ink, brown in my sketchbook. Photo ref from my sister.


8 thoughts on “My little niece

  1. This is adorable…I miss giving such a huge hug where you completely squish their little faces, just like you’ve captured in your drawing!Great work on capturing the feeling of affection here.

  2. Uji – that has come out really well – please put this on umaloo’s site also…..can’t wait to see you

  3. These sketches are very sentimental. The abundant love for this baby is very obvious. I love her little serious face. She is already showing a very interesting personality 🙂

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