Late at night

IMG_0088from a Shell adIMG_0089self portraitTolouse LautrecEgon SchieleAnnie

It has become quite clear that I’m a night painter. Whatever schedule I was planning to come up with for learning had better keep that fact in mind.

The self portrait was made in Chennai and the last one which is supposed to be of a friend, Annie was made earlier in Bangalore. I was peering into the LCD Panel (2″) of my camera for Annies well that’s my excuse for it not looking like her. The others have been made in Kolkata and for those I can only say that it was quite late at night! Mr Blair’s right eye is out of whack and Mrs Clinton has been given way too many wrinkles. But if I really squint hard they look ok 😀 The one I like the most here is the one of the boy reaching out.

Update : These are all from photo references except for the self portrait – TIME, books, my camera and the mirror.


4 thoughts on “Late at night

  1. thanks arvindh. yes, that was a part of a Shell ad in the May 14 issue of TIME. I realised that I’d forgotten to mention it in my post.

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