Nothing comes from nothing…

Nothing comes from nothing...

Nothing ever could…. or so I firmly believed. Actually, that is a bit of an exaggeration. I felt that I needed to learn a lot more before I could just sit in front of a blank canvas and start to paint.

I was given two challenges by my friend Sangeeta during my recent visit. One was to make an abstract piece and the second was to paint something without a reference. This started out as my attempt at making an abstract piece and then before I knew it it had turned into a face or at least what I thought resembled a face 😀

Acrylic on canvas. Made the background first with a largish bristle brush and the face with a palette knife. Roughly 18″ X 12″.

Update: Aug 1, 2007 : Decided to get adventurous while framing my first painting. Lesson learned – tried and tested ways may be better 😛 I need to find a way to subdue the colour of the inner frame either with a rough coat of paint or with a mat insert. What do you think?

First framed work


18 thoughts on “Nothing comes from nothing…

  1. Looks quite abstract to me, at first glance I got the feeling they were thoughts escaping the person’s mind, liked it more outside the frame, there’s more in the painting which the frame hides 🙂

  2. thank you. i can tell you i had fun making this. absolute freedom which comes when you’re trying something for the first time. there are no expectations and so i was happy with the results. one thing i realised is that it isnt easy for me to get away from faces. 😀 on that frame – i messed up 😛 i’m planning on roughly brushing some off-white paint or inserting a mat. the wood grain is extremely distracting. i guess you learn from such experiences.

  3. hi bell…i think the frame is too big n bold for it. i don’t much care for framed canvasses unless these can add something to the work which this one doesn’t…it kind of competes the work for attention…love.s

  4. true 😦 ramesh has told me to scrap it but i hate the thought and have been thinking of alternatives but you’re right. will do something about it soon.

  5. thank you mangosteenskin. i’ve had the middle section painted an off white/ peachish shade. will update this post with it soon and would love to hear what you think of the frame with the change.

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