Taking a Nap

Picture 339

Started drawing Surpina first this morning but left it incomplete as we were going out visiting art galleries.  Saw quite a few interesting paintings by upcoming artists from India. We plan to cover a few more over the next few days.  Returned and convinced Sangeeta to let me draw her while she was taking a nap.  I used some nice, soft buttery charcoal from Sangeeta’s big box of Derwent’s Sketching Collection.   Pencil and Charcoal on 30 X 22 Indian handmade paper.


5 thoughts on “Taking a Nap

  1. I love the drawing of Sangeeta taking a nap and I love it left unfinished down below…again so expressive and the medium just perfect for it…beautiful.

  2. Thank you Casey and Ronnel. It’s so nice to have two friends to draw and paint with. We’ve been so busy catching up with each other that we havent done as much of drawing or painting as planned 😛 no regrets though. Since the two of you meet often to paint together I’m sure you understand.

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