Another Scratchboard

Ashulia boy.jpg

Sujata, a friend from Delhi, has sent me some lino boards, cutters and ink and I’m thrilled.  Hoping to try out some print making soon.  Until then I’ve saved a digital template of a prepped scratchboard.   This was made from a photograph that I took yesterday.  And while it is incomplete, I like the effect – lines and all.

Yesterday, at around three in the afternoon, two friends and I drove along the road from Dhaka to Ashulia to look for our subjects.  We spent and enjoyable hour taking many photographs of quite an enthusiastic bunch of people.   We were surrounded at each spot fairly quickly.  Some even came forward and asked us to take their pictures.  They were all thrilled when they saw the results on our digital panels.  We made several stops.  You can see some of the photographs here and here.


5 thoughts on “Another Scratchboard

  1. Nice work. And going through the photos taken by you and your friends, I find that you have captured atleast one bovine. I have been trying to locate a cow these last two weeks, in vain. Where have they all gone?

  2. heh heh 😀 we did pass more than one but didnt stop to take photos. here too there are hardly any to be found in the city. I hope you wont give up on taking some for me but dont go too close coz city cows seem to be quite temperamental!

  3. I just did my first scratchboard today and wow! First i hated it, so scratchy, then zing! Something happened. So now I’m hunting the net for other’s artwork and found this…..absolutely wonderful!!!!!

  4. thank you joanie. i’ve used a digitally created scratchboard and then used the eraser tool in the software program ( art rage ) to scratch out this image. so it exists only on my computer.

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