Restating Lines

pen&ink, watercolour pencils, wcp,

It was after reading Danny Gregory‘s website that I took to restating lines with a pen without a care and have now grown to like them. Soon after, I joined Every Day Matters (EDM) the group started by him. Without doubt this is one of the best groups that I belong to. The members are knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. I have learnt a lot from them and the exchanges that take place. Some of it has got absorbed and is now a part of the way I draw and paint and the rest is on its way to being assimilated.

This pen & ink wash of the boy holding a flag is from a fabulous reference taken by one of my favourite photographers on Flickr, Ashit Parikh. I know that it bears little resemblance but I have now reached the point where I’m not fixated on getting a likeness at least that’s how I feel today!

Rotring : Brown ink : Watercolour Pencils : sketchbook : 8″ X 10″

Some quotes that I’ve fished out on Perfection from Robert Genn’s The Painter’s Key website

It’s always necessary to seek for perfection. Obviously, for us, this word no longer has the same meaning. To me, it means: from one canvas to the next, always go further, further… (Pablo Picasso)

No one is perfect. It’s not interesting to be perfect. (Lindsay Lohan)

Exactitude is not truth. (Henri Matisse)

Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it. (Salvador Dali)

The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing. (Eugene Delacroix)

Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. It means you’ve decided to see beyond the imperfections. (unknown)

sorry for going overboard but here’s a last one

Perfectionism is the enemy of creation. (John Updike)


6 thoughts on “Restating Lines

  1. Wonderful work with pen and ink. The emotion on the boys face is so well detailed.

    I feel happy and honoured for your kind words and that my photos inspire you.

  2. This drawing has such a life to it…I love it! I love the way you’ve used you pen and the pencil marks…I can almost see a “liberation” in their use..
    Great work

  3. Thank you Ashit for taking the trouble to stop by.

    Arvindh & Ronnel – Thank you. It was different and nice using watercolour pencils. Just plain CP’s demand too many layers and I’m glad this wasnt like that.

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